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About Us

The group of instructors at Tuition House consists of skilled and university-educated tutors who collaberate to improve the understanding and skills of students in any subject they aim to excel in. Our goal, since our establishment, has always been to effectively cater to the individual learning needs of each student by providing customised and distinctive learning experiences. 

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Online Learning

The Tuition House way

Our philosophy

The Tuition House method of teaching uses a combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile and written techniques.

Our unique teaching style aims to embrace a students individual thinking style and unlock its true potential. We help our students begin unlocking their individual though processes using tailored learning plans for each student.


Our method

At Tuition House, every student begins their journey with a tailored assessment that identifies their specific learning needs. We meet them at their current level and guide them towards their desired goals. Through our unique assessment process, we accurately determine each child's existing knowledge and pinpoint areas that require further development. This ensures that children do not waste time revisiting concepts they have already mastered. Assessments will be am ongoing part of your child's tuition and will be monitored and reported monthly to the parents.

After assessing the student's needs, we create a tailored learning plan to teach the necessary concepts. This plan identifies the specific math concepts required to achieve your child's learning objectives. To ensure mastery of these concepts, we employ a combination of our own materials and instructional techniques.

The tutors at Tuition House diligently implement the tailored learning plan and work closely with each student to ensure their mastery of the material. Our math tutors create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters the growth and success of children, enabling them to thrive and learn with confidence!


Tuition House Services

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